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Custom Development
Risk Free!!
Pre-development, Post-payment
You can pay after development is complete.
You can build it yourself.
It is easy to build. It is easy to use.
However, if you are a computer beginner,
you can request custom development.
Special Price
We will build a turnkey custom website that can start sales immediately.
(including menu upload, price setting, logo and content, etc.)
Development Request Form
Since Covid-19,
there have been cases of closure after requesting development.
Also, it is being delayed due to more requests than expected.
If you want rapid development,
you can use priority development service.
Full Name
Company Name
Phone Number
E-Mail Address
Homepage & SNS Account (If you have it,)
Restaurant Location(Address)
After reviewing the submitted data,
our development team can request a menu list,
original logo file, and restaurant images.
Enter Answer :1+1 =
To prove you are a person(not a spam script).
5 Steps to Building Your Website.
You can apply for the website with request form. You can register basic information such as company name, address, and menu type. There is no charge for requests on a pre-development, post-pay basis.
2.Building period(1 week)
Applications received online are assigned to our restaurant system professional development team. The development period is one week, and there may be several phone consultations if there are special requests or tasks.
3.Website Inspection
Development will use a temporary web address assigned by us. For example, http://abc.iwebbox.com
After completion, we will inform you of the operator login information and how to use it. After inspection, you can request additional parts that are insufficient.
4.Domain change & Launch
After checking, if you request the launch of a satisfactory website, we will change the domain, set up a security server (https://), create an official email account, and assign hosting. This process will take about a day.
5.Pay & Start
Our development method is pre-development and post-payment method. There is no payment until the development is completed and the application is confirmed. Additional development and post management during operation are supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.